Business Funding FAQ's


Q: How can I qualify for a Business Loan or a Business Cash Advance?

A: Show-Me Merchants is not a bank! This allows us to look at the unique financial situation of each of our clients rather than trying to fit each merchant into a pre-existing set of pre-qualifying criteria. At Show-Me Merchants we believe that each merchant has unique needs and qualifying for loans or advances should be based on these unique needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales or customer services representatives to determine what type of financial help Show-Me Merchants can offer to your business.

Q: Will my credit score affect my ability to obtain a Business Loan?

A: Although your credit score is one of the factors considered, it is not the only or even the predominant factor considered in determining your eligibility for business loan. Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss your business's unique needs and how we can help you obtain a business loan. Don't forget, we have NO credit check options available for a few of our services.

Q: Are there any personal guarantees involved in a Business Cash Advance?

A: There are absolutely no personal guarantees given for a business cash advance. The money which is advanced to the merchant is advanced against future credit card transactions.

Q: What about the rates?

A: Great question! Because we offer so many different options to our merchants and we deal in nearly every industry, we cannot tell you a rate upfront. However, we have partnerships in place to get you some of the most competitive rates on the market and you'll never pay a broker fee with Show-Me Merchants. Get your free quote now so that you can see the difference!

Q: Do I have to use your processing?

A: We LOVE our processing products but understand that you may have that same relationship set up with your current company, so we don't require you to switch. Many of our lending products still offer the same advantages, such as split processing for repayment, without ever having to change your services. Keep in mind we do offer free terminals and no contracts though!

Q: I don't want to send my information because the last place pulled my credit a bunch of times.

A: Hey, that's not a question! But it is one big concern that we have already thought about! We hand selected our lending partners and made sure that there would be only one credit pull per application. This means we can get all our of partners to compete for your business with only one pull. Let the fight begin!

Q: What happens to my information?

A: We store your information in our customer database. We do not sell or share your information outside of your application for funding/processing. For more information, please see our privacy policy at the bottom of the page.

Q: Why should I use you instead of the company I normally use?

A: Well, we are glad that you have options! However, most of our clients do too. Our entire company is setup to eliminate all extra costs so that we can pass those savings onto you! Just ask your current company how much their lease runs each month and you'll see why our digital approach keeps your money in your pocket. This is why so many merchants come back to us over and over again. Keep in mind, this money is also unsecured!